Main Attractions



You wonder what there is do out in thd middle of no town? Enough to fill a holiday! You can meditate for ever looking at the amazing rock formations of the mountains, that rises directly behind the bungalows Like a gigantic pharaonique pyramid, enjoy the grand panorama from our huge swimming pool or the water tower, take a walk in our extensive Land, where we grow all kinds of tropical fruits and have a great variety of trees and bushes, have a massage in traditional local, especially ayurvedic, as well as modern medicine style, go for a bicycle ride along the canals that irrigate the low land lying at the foot of the resort, drive around "OUR " mountain, to find an amazing landscape, visit the nearby villages, meet the ever friendly inhabitants and experience their festivals, go to the neighbouring stone cutter village ‘Mayilady” and watch the people carving statues, ornaments and other traditional items out of the local grey granite.


Look at the Marungur Murugan Temple in a distance of two kilometers which is placed on a softly sloped bare hill like on the belly of a gigantic sleeping elephant, enjoy the grand view from the top overlooking an ocean of coconut trees with only church steeples sticking out here and there and the ragged mountain chain in the background. Find some of the many local places of worship under age-old banyan trees or on the side of the lakes, see the left over of rural Kali rites such as primitive big coloured clay statues of the blood seeking goddesses, admire the enormous old temple of Suchinderam at 09 km from the resort with its long pillared hall and an impressive Gopuram covered with atleast a thousand life sized figures from Indian mythology. Experience the splendor of the 9 day temple festival at the beginning of January.

Padmanabhapuram Palace

See the caves of the saddhus and pilgrims and search for medical plants on "medicinal mountain”- ½ hour drive. Pay a visit to the splendid wooden palace of Padmanabhapuram, once the capital of Travancore, the palace which also houses a fine museum notably of sculptures is one of the finest examples of the richly ornated Kerala architecture - 1½ hours drive. Nearby is the Mathoor Thoutti Paalam - an Aqueduct- a bridge transporting water from one mountain to another, below is the river and one sees a beautiful landscape and also nearby is the Thiruparappu waterfalls and go boating on the backwaters of this area.


If you are missing the crowd drive 30 minutes to the tip of the subcontinent, view the memorial of the saint Vivekananda and the 40m statue of Tamil saint ThiruvaIluvar on the rock islands at Kanniyakumari; experience the auspicious sunrise and the sunset with .thousands of deeply impressed Indians at the place where 3 seas meet, Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian sea. Go to Nagercoil (15km) and visit the Nagaraja Snake temple

Mathoor Thottipalam

How to get to the Indien Hermitage - A Resort Hotel. Being a hermitage we are not situated on or even near the main road. If you travel on national highway NH47 connecting Kanniyakumari and Nagercoil,you reach the bridge crossing the river at Suchindrum, turn left after the bridge, if you come from Kanniyakumari turn right just before the bridge. Follow the road to the village of Marungoor (6km). From Marungoor drive another 1 km to Thoupoor, at the V crossing (junction) where a wall marks our resort, turn right and followed by Marungoor Murugan temple on the hillock and from there drive through Ramanaathichenpudhur, drive still further where you reach a water channel, cross over to the other side and drive on the mud road 300 mts, this is INDIEN HERMITAGE. If you come on the Highway NH47, from Tirunelvelti to Nagercoil, Raja’s Dental College and take road to Nagercoil. You come across towns like Aralvoimozhi and Thouvatai and then drive 1½ km, where one sees our board (small) and Loyola College, just turn Left that road goes along the mountain and through the paddy fields, one will reach Rajavoor and then Thoupoor and at this junction, turn left followed by Marungoor Murugan temple, Ramanaathichenpudhur and further to the channel, cross and then drive along the mud road of the channe to the Resort.